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Another try to blog

Hi, this is Renn Rementilla, a Filipino residing in Singapore. Here I go again, starting a new blog, my first one is using a domain name and hosting of my own, but sad to say, i wasn’t able to keep it up and rolling.  This time I named my blog using my daughters’ names and relating them to three primary colors of photography Red, Green and Blue. Hope I can keep my blog rolling this time.

Maybe I should start on my daughters

Rhian (Red) – Rhian Arielle T. Rementilla, born May 16, 2011 at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Gabrielle (Green) – Heart Gabrielle Nunez, born April 13, 2002 at San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

Bian (Blue) – Raisa Bian Abigail R. Rementilla, born November 4, 2000 at Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines

… but don’t focus on how I was able to have them (giggles) and then come out with my journey to photography.

I am a natural born artist as I may claim, but haven’t got a chance to develop it, I do enjoy sketching and painting using different media. Due to poverty, my focus is on my studies. Unlike my classmates during primary school, if they want watercolor, oil paint or colored pencil they will just simply ask from their parents and easily they can have it in an instance. In my case I have to settle on what I have, a mongol pencil and a single row crayon box. My potentials are visible to my parent and my teachers as well. My teachers are those who supports me on my artistic inclination, sending me to painting contest and drawing competitions. I was able to reach provincial levels during those time.  I won a 2nd runner up prize on our municipality for a Christmas theme, it made my teacher believe that I do really have a future in it, while I keep on telling to myself  I must focus on my studies. I earned the top spot during our commencement exercises and ensured me a 100% scholarship on secondary school. 

Maintaining grades will maintain you to be in scholarship grant, which I failed to do because of higher level of competitions. This is when I learned to accept the norms and politics. Studying harder won’t get you nowhere vs those who study harder and have extra bucks to join clubs and extra curricular activities. Knowing that, I still tried studying harder and keeping my so called talent at bay. It was during third year in secondary school where I met personal computers with MS Paint program, wherein I can draw a picture bit by bit, pixel by pixel. It was when I started using monitors as my canvas and mouse as my brush.

So where is photography there?